Economic and Cultural Development in the Bronx and Beyond

At The New York Botanical Garden we are proud to invest in the economic and cultural well being of our neighbors in the Bronx and the New York metropolitan area.

The Botanical Garden is a vital and active part of the Bronx community and economy, serving as a well-utilized community resource, offering numerous educational and training programs for people of all ages, presenting many popular community programs and celebrations each year, and encouraging and enabling the acclaimed borough-wide community gardening program Bronx Green-Up.

The Garden offers 25% of its operating hours free to the public, primarily enjoyed by Bronx residents.

The Garden hires Bronx residents. More than half of its employees live in the Bronx; 80% of their salaries are raised from private sources.

The Garden buys goods and services worth more than $23 million annually from 900 New York City vendors, including more than 180 from the Bronx.

The Garden annually draws nearly 100,000 visitors from the Bronx, combined with more than 660,000 visitors from around the world to its seasonal exhibitions.

The Garden generates an overall economic impact on New York City of approximately $144 million annually.

The communities, businesses, teachers, students, and families of the Bronx and the New York metropolitan area have benefited economically and culturally from The New York Botanical Garden's education, gardening, exhibition, and plant science research programs and facilities for more than a century.

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