Lectures & Symposia

Throughout the year, The New York Botanical Garden offers lectures in which outstanding landscape architects and garden designers present their signature works and insights, and internationally recognized speakers address topics of global interest related to the study, preservation, and appreciation of the plant kingdom.

Landscape Design Students and Alumni Series

Six Tuesdays: October 28–March 24, 1–3 p.m.; NYBG

Come hear award winning and nationally renowned professionals share their expertise on current topics in landscape design and horticulture. These popular afternoon lectures are scheduled to coincide with the monthly morning meetings of the Landscape Design Students and Alumni Association. All are welcome to register.

Symposium: The Changing Nature of Nature in Cities

Friday, November 7; 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.; Ross Hall

From rampant urbanization to the alarming spread of invasive species and the rapidly increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, human activities are impacting natural systems on a global scale. Nowhere is the impact of mankind on nature more evident than in cities, where historic ecosystems have been irreversibly altered. This expert-led symposium will explore the concept of the novel ecosystems that are the result of urban development, and ask if these much-maligned accidents of unbridled growth could ultimately mitigate the impacts of environmental change and re-introduce the wonder of nature in cities.

15th Annual Winter Lecture Series: Le Jardin Français

Three Thursdays: January 29, February 19, March 19, 10–11:30 a.m.; Ross Hall

For many, the phrase "French garden" conjures up a distinct look and feel—geometric yet romantic, with symmetry and order at the heart of every design. This year's exceptional lineup features a trio of premier garden designers and stewards who are reinterpreting classic and contemporary landscapes, both large and small, across France and beyond. Join us as Louis Benech, Alexandre de Vogüé, and Robert Mallet share their cultural insights and practical methods, along with a sensibility and sense of style that is decidedly French.

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