Fast-track your floral training.

You're scanning floral ideas on Pinterest, aren't you? Maybe you're an empty nester looking for a creative outlet or perhaps, a second career. Or you're an uninspired professional eager to blaze a new trail. Whatever your motivation, we'd love to help you.

The New York Botanical Garden's Floral Design Certificate Program offers the most in-depth training in the region, covering every aspect of this creative art. We'll help you develop your own aesthetic, master the mechanics for any arrangement, and give you a practical, real-world, business foundation, so you graduate client-ready.

This July, you could get certified faster through our accelerated Summer Intensive. In just five weeks, earn all classroom credits required for a Certificate. You'll start with the fundamentals and end up designing on the grand-scale. Then, you're just an internship away from an NYBG Certificate!

Get ready to stretch your capacity and hone your skills this July. Learn more.

Alumni Testimonials

Brittany Asch

2011 Student and owner of BRRCH

"The Intensive gave me a great foundation and platform to build upon—a strong technical base. Most importantly, NYBG gave me the confidence to actually pursue this field professionally."

Alix Astir

2010 Student

"Take a deep breath as you enter the Summer Intensive. You are going to be completely inundated with information every day. The payoff is that you're going to get the most comprehensive, in-depth education in an art and trade on the east coast."