Save the Garden and other Cultural Institutions from Severe New York City Budget Cuts!

Tell City Hall to stop devastating cuts to The New York Botanical Garden.
The proposed New York City budget slashes funding for The New York Botanical Garden by 48.2 percent and would force devastating program cuts and additional layoffs. These budget cuts will hurt not only the 750,000 people who visit this vital and vibrant living museum each year, but also the thousands of community members who work here and the local businesses that benefit from the influx of visitors to their area.

Help us make sure City Hall gets the message: New Yorkers love their Garden and don't want its budget slashed.

Draft letter to Mayor Bloomberg
Includes all of the necessary information for your mailing.  

Draft letter to your City Council Member
In order to find out which City Council Member represents you, refer to the link below.
You need to input your home address and borough where you reside to locate your representative.

NYC Council:

You can also e-mail the contents of your letter to Speaker Quinn at Please use this subject line:

Restore the Funding to The New York Botanical Garden

Please mail or e-mail your letters by Monday, June 6.

Here is some additional guidance on writing your letters:

  • Include your home/return address (in New York City) so that your elected representative can write you back and so they know that you are a constituent in their district. If you do not live or pay taxes in New York City, then this letter writing campaign regarding NYC funding will not be applicable to you.

  • Type your name at the bottom of the letter and sign your name.

  • Use blank or personal stationery.

  • Feel free to make stylistic edits but please do not change facts such as the proposed amount of the funding cut, the number of staff to be cut as a result, etc.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Government Relations office at 718.817.8563.