Paul Debois

Garden Views

The Palm House, Kew

Commended 4 - Portfolios

I took a series of photographs at Kew Gardens in 1982 as a student. Recently I returned, using the same camera, along with newly-released film. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of this building, creating a ‘retro’ feel, with soft, almost monochromatic images. Polaroid SX-70 film was discontinued many years ago, but new film has been released, made by a company who bought what was left of the original Polaroid factory. This film has its own peculiar characteristics, but like the original Polaroid, produces very soft images--optically and tonally. The Palm House has lots of shade and I had to think in terms of black and white as the film could not render colour very well in these conditions. The photographs are not intended as literal portraits in the conventional sense.