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    Everett Children's Adventure Garden

    The Everett Children’s Adventure Garden is a 12-acre living classroom designed especially for children. Changing landscapes, a dynamic wetland and pond, and lush plantings provide a unique and vibrant stage for hands-on learning about plant science. The Adventure Garden includes outdoor and indoor learning galleries, each focusing on a different aspect of plant science, filled with interactive exhibits and colorful inquiry-based signs to promote active discovery.

    Outdoor Guided Explorations rotate through several different galleries, as groups learn about their senses, explore plant life cycles, discover the parts of a plant, and investigate plant-animal interactions. The galleries include:

    Outdoor Galleries

    The Arthur Hays and Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger Meadow Gallery:
    Life Cycle Lane

    Journey through the life cycle of plants.

    The Heckscher Foundation for Children Gallery: Plant Part Paradise
    Discover what parts make up a plant.

    The Con Edison Gallery: Habitat Hub
    Explore an ecosystem and discover plant-animal interactions.

    Vincent Astor Foundation Gallery: Sun Central
    Investigate how the sun helps plants live and grow.

    Indoor Galleries

    The Kids Lab
    Participate in a variety of plant explorations, make observations, and discover that all science starts with asking questions.

    The Bendheim Kids Herbarium
    Learn about plant parts and examine them under a microscope.