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    Classroom Curricula

    Middle and High School Curricula
    These classroom resources are based on research projects of Garden scientists. Each unit consists of a teacher’s guide, documentary style DVD, and optional material kits, and can be purchased at www.glencoe.com or by calling 1.800.334.7344.
    • FBI: Forensic Botany Investigations for Grades 6–8
      By conducting investigations and searching for clues, students explore the importance of plants and build skills such as concept mapping, data collection, and analysis.

    • Ethnobotany Explorers for Grades 9–12
      Students follow researchers and healers deep into the forests of Belize as they search for medicinal plants and learn how to conduct scientific investigations.
    Elementary Curricula: Garden Adventure SEEDS
    (Science Exploration and Education Discovery Series)
    These elementary curriculum kits provide hands-on resources, lessons, assessments, and literacy support in a simple and convenient package. Full kits, or just the teacher’s guide, can be ordered on-line at www.kendallhunt.com or by phone at 1.800.228.0810.
    • Plant Parts for Grades K & 1
      Young learners investigate plant parts and their functions through writing, art, games, hands-on activities, and simple classroom experiments.

    • Plant Adaptations for Grades 2 & 3
      Students explore the amazing adaptations of tropical and deciduous plants through interactive lessons that foster critical thinking and science skills.

    • Plant-Animal Interactions for Grades 4 & 5
      Working in small groups, students explore ecological relationships such as predator and prey, and roles such as producer, consumer, and decomposer.