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Today's Date 03/24/2017
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School Information

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The following questions provide an opportunity for you to express your interests to us. Please take time to answer all the questions thoughtfully and completely. (All fill in writing fields are limited to 900 characters.)

*1. How did you find out about the Explainer Program?

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*2. Why do want to join the program?

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*3. What are your interests, hobbies and extra-curricular activities outside of school?

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*4. Describe a science article or video you’ve recently enjoyed? Why was this memorable and interesting to you?

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*5. What’s a project or person that inspires you? (hyperlinks encouraged)

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*6. Tell us about a successful interaction you’ve had with someone younger than you?:

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*7. What are strategizes you use to explain challenging concepts to someone?:

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*8. What professional skills do you think will be important for you to demonstrate in this internship?:

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*9. 1. What are some ideas you’re considering for your college or career path? How will your participation in this program help you achieve these goals?:

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Before you fill out the application

Here’s what you will need to get started:

  • An e-mail address where you will be receiving all correspondence from the Botanical Garden (We will e-mail you if you are selected for an interview.)
  • Emergency Contact information, including an e-mail address and daytime phone number of a parent or guardian
  • The e-mail address and phone number of a school contact (teacher, advisor, or guidance counselor) who knows you are applying
  • The name and address of your current school
  • Your projected high school graduation date (month/year)
  • The days and times you will be available to volunteer each week

TIPS for making a good application great!

  • Type all of your essay responses into a separate document (such as a Word file), making sure to correct spelling and grammatical errors before pasting into the application. (Be sure to save it!)
  • Include how your interest in the Explainer Program is unique! Tell us something meaningful about yourself. Do not tell us that you want to join the program because you “need service hours” or because you “need a job.” Explainers are unpaid interns.