Horticulture Rotations

Students are engaged in seven required and one elective horticulture rotations during the first year for hands-on training. The following chart depicts the rotation areas with complementary course work (not necessarily taken in conjunction with the rotation). Each rotation is approximately 100 to 125 hours long.

Tim Wells from The New York Botanical Garden on Vimeo.


Rotation Skills Learned and Utilized Location
Arboriculture Safe, appropriate methods of climbing trees for maintenance purposes. Trimming hedges, pruning techniques, tree and shrub planting. Throughout the Garden grounds
Conservatory How to plant for indoor displays. Maintenance of conservatory plants: grooming, watering, syringing, misting, soil preparation, and amending. Specific culture for succulents and cacti, aquatics, tropicals, and/or others. Enid A. Haupt Conservatory
Display Gardens How to plant for display purposes: spacing, grooming, weeding, watering, edging, and staking. Home Gardening Center, Children’s Adventure Garden, Perennial Garden, Seasonal Plantings
Greenhouse Production Control systems: heating, cooling, humidity, shade, and ventilation. Basic techniques: fertilizing, soil mixture preparations, repotting, pricking, transplanting. Crop production: seeding and cutting propagation, forcing, growing annuals, containers. Nolen Greenhouses for Living Collections
Plant Health Care Diagnose, monitor, and apply thresholds for various pests; interpret monitoring results; and discuss possible control actions that could be taken. Throughout the Garden grounds, EAHC, and Nolen Greenhouses
Plant Records Plant ID, data entry, label design and production, accessioning, collection inventory, specimen measurements and health assessments, verification of plants and nomenclature. Plant Records (Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill)
Turfs and Grounds Maintenance of turf areas: irrigation, edging techniques, fertilizing (equipment and type of fertilizer), weed control, leaf-raking, and blowing. Throughout the Garden grounds


Rotation Skills Learned and Utilized Location
Bronx Green-Up Community outreach and involvement, improvement of community gardens, and putting into practice horticultural skills. Throughout the Bronx
Family Garden Plan, install, and maintain vegetable gardens, cut flowers, perennials, meadow/wild flowers, and containers, while working with staff and volunteers. Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden
Forest Restoration Assist in restoration (invasive plant weeding, trail maintenance, seed collecting, and plant production), and active research (vegetation plots, redback salamander plots, and other monitoring projects). Thain Family Forest
Mapping Mapping and map reading, survey techniques and equipment operation, fundamentals of AutoCAD and GIS, and construction stakeout. Lionel Goldfrank III Institutional Mapping Department
Rock and Native Plant Culture Cultivation of rock garden and native plants that require specific growing conditions. Rock and Native Plant Garden
Rose Culture Maintenance of a rose collection: grooming, hilling, watering, deadheading, winter pruning, overwintering, pruning of different types of roses. Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden
Plant Information Office Answer questions from the general public regarding garden advice, plant identification, houseplants, pests and diseases, and landscape design. Research and create plant information sheets, Web site resources, and other projects. LuEsther T. Mertz Library