Forest Trail Book

Spring Has Sprung

The wonderful sweet smell of flowers,
they sparkle In the sun with all their fragrant powers.

Everybody is enjoying the wonderful day,
Parents are telling their kids to come in but they want to stay out and play.

The sun is bright and shining and spring is in the air,
It's the most beautiful season and my favorite time of the year.

Submitted By: Logan Rose

Margate, FL

A Garden Of Flowers

Red, Pink, Orange, those are the colors of a flower
Bees Buzzing and butterfly's flying
The sun is glowing and the clouds are white
There are a hole bunch of flowers sparkling
Its like a garden of flowers
People waking trying not to hurt the flowers
While things start to get louder
Flowers is what I love and you should love them to
Because the best thing about being in a garden
Is like being in A Garden Of Flowers.

Submitted By: Gabriela Diaz Escobar

cocnut creek FL

The Daffodills

I see daffodils soaring through the wind

felling soft daffodil seeds touching my skin,

running through a field of daffodils

then onto flower filled hills

though this day is filled with joy

i am nothing but just a simple, simple boy.

Submitted By: Dorian Bennett

roses are red violets are blue

I see the flowers blowing back and forth.
I touched a daisy.
I hear the wind sway over the flowers.
I taste....well nothing

Oh rose you are as red as a cherry.
Oh lotus how do you grow out of the ground so pretty.
A lily flower as white as an angels gown in the shiny light.
And sunflower oh sunflower your so beautiful sun when coming up in the morning or in the morning.


Submitted By: shawn fine

margate fl


The sound of the waves crashing on to the beach,the birds whistling through the air,the sun rays hitting my face so bright.

The sound of the wind whispering in my ear,the color of the flowers bursting in joy,the trees dancing happily in the air.

The animals on the earth run wild and free,the water shimmer in the night sky,the nature rain so pure and beautiful.

Submitted By: Alex L


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