Mid-March to mid-April - Actual bloom time may vary

From March through April, these elegant, graceful, and beautiful trees bloom in an array of pastel colors across Garden grounds.

Venture to the Garden in March and see the velvety silver buds of magnolias beginning to open. First come the star magnolias near the Library Building, their fragrant flowers arrayed on dark, bare branches. Near the Visitor Center you'll find a perfect old Kobus magnolia, whose white blossoms perch on branches that sweep the ground. Then surround yourself with spectacular saucer magnolias along Magnolia Way. In this grove of mature specimens, you'll see graceful, intertwined branches topped with luscious white and silver-pink flowers. Other showy blossoms are tinged with deep pink or brushed with purple. Whatever the color, they're a magnificent sight, and scent, on an early spring day.