Tree peonies: Early May - Herbaceous peonies: Mid- to late May - Actual bloom time may vary

The Garden is home to a rainbow of these classic charmers.

Who can resist the voluptuous blossoms of these classic charmers? They begin their show here in early May, when the Dolores DeFina Hope Tree Peony Collection near the Rose Garden unveils enormous flowers with enchanting names like 'Lotus That Shines in the Sun' and 'Phoenix White'.

Next in line are species peonies in the Rock Garden, delicate and cup-shaped in shades of white and yellow. Then in mid-May, along Perennial Garden Way, more than 60 herbaceous peonies reach their peak. Ranging in form from single to fully double, with satiny petals in white, pink, and red, they offer up their scents of rose, lemon, honey, or musk.