Late April to early May - Actual bloom time may vary

From late April to early May, tens of thousands of tulips flower all at once across the Garden grounds.

Mid-spring at the Garden is full of fresh, bright color. One of the stars of the season is undoubtedly the tulips. With over 10,000 tulip bulbs planted for spring, the breathtaking colors are worth the winter’s wait. These versatile plants can be spotted across the landscape in various gardens from late April to early May.

The Home Gardening Center’s Cutting Garden offers broad strokes of yellow, white, and cream cultivars including ‘Akebono’, ‘Maureen’, and ‘Sweetheart’. The trial beds offer fiery, hot-colored displays in the front plantings and back beds filled with a palette of pale pinks, corals, and creams.

Redesigned by Piet Oudolf in 2013, the Seasonal Walk features thousands of freshly planted bulbs including three species tulip cultivars. ‘Little Beauty’ and ‘Little Princess’ may be short in stature, but they will add vivid pink and orange spring color to the new installation.

Tulips decorate other areas of the Garden as well. Be sure to visit the Perennial Garden, Rock Garden, and Children’s Adventure Garden for their delightful offerings of spring color.