The Azalea Garden | Scores of different azaleas and rhododendrons bloom in succession throughout the Garden, beginning in late April.

Arthur and Janet Ross Conifer Arboretum | The historic Conifer Arboretum features towering pines, elegant spruces, and mountain firs.

Enid A. Haupt Conservatory | This Victorian-style glasshouse takes you on an "ecotour" around the world and across the ages.

Crabapples | The 80 varieties in our Donald J. Bruckmann Crabapple Collection, set above Daffodil Hill, are at their flashiest in May.

Daffodils | Drifts of nodding flowers, from classic trumpet daffodils to delicate jonquils, bring you the first glow of sunshine in spring.

Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden | Plants and imaginations grow in the Family Garden, where you're allowed (no, encouraged!) to play in the dirt.

Flowering Cherries | The delicate pink and white blossoms of more than 200 flowering cherries beckon you to take a peaceful April stroll.

The Forest | Enter the 50-acre Forest and discover the largest remaining expanse of the woodland that once covered New York City.

Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden | Relax on one of the benches, embraced by plants and scents, in this restorative and tranquil haven.

Home Gardening Center | A series of model gardens teach the home gardener how to create a beautiful, productive, and trouble-free garden.

Ladies' Border | Cradled in the protection of the Conservatory, unusual plants not normally grown in New York get a chance to prove their worth.

Lilacs | Nothing quite compares to the old-fashioned scent of lilacs filling the air in April and May.

Magnolias | From March through April, these elegant, graceful, and beautiful trees bloom in an array of pastel colors across Garden grounds.

Beneson Ornamental Conifers | Discover a place where inspiration is evergreen, along with most of the trees.

Peonies | The Garden is home to a rainbow of these classic charmers.

Jane Watson Irwin Perennial Garden | The Perennial Garden combines a vast palette of colors and textures into a lush, living work of art.

Rock Garden | This dramatic three-acre oasis is home to thousands of alpine flowers, woodland plants, and a sparkling waterfall.

Seasonal Walk | Designed by the acclaimed garden designers, Piet Oudolf and Jacqueline van der Kloet, Seasonal Walk celebrates the seasons.

Tulips | From late April to early May, more than 25,000 tulips flower all at once along Seasonal Walk.

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