For Teachers


Biome Survival

Grade: 3–5
Learn about climate by creating a survival gear list for each world biome.

Plants of the World

Grade: 3–8
Learn about biomes by exploring representative plants from around the world.

What Biome Am I?

Grade: 3–8
Predict the biome type through observation of images, rainfall, and temperature.


Acting Like a Cactus

Grade: pK–2
Act out the way that a cactus swells with rain and shrinks with drought.

Pleated Plants

Grade: pK–2
Learn the pleated structure of a cactus by creating a paper model.


Grade: K–2
Learn how evaporation is fundamental to deserts through a measuring activity.


Grade: K–5
Learn structure and power of sand, through observation and abrasion activities.

Deserts and Forests

Grade: 3–5
Learn about deserts and temperate forests by comparing and contrasting plants.

Comparing New York and Arizona

Grade: 3–8
Learn about climate by comparing temperatures from New York, New York & Tucson, Arizona.

Desert Haiku

Grade: 3–8
Evaluate understanding of deserts through haiku, a form of Japanese poetry.

Deserts of the World

Grade: 6–8
Explore the well-known deserts of the world by using maps and reference materials.

Rain Forests

Rain Forest Song

Grade: pK–2
Learn about the rain forest by singing a song.

Buttress Simulation

Grade: pK–5
Learn about buttress roots by creating a paper model.

Rain Forest Collage

Grade: K–5
Increase awareness of rain forest plants by creating a collage in the classroom.

Propped-Up Plants

Grade: 3–5
Learn about root adaptations by testing the ability of different roots to hold up plants.

Soil Erosion

Grade: 3–5
Learn about rain forest soils by conducting soil erosion demonstrations.

Conservation Math

Grade: 3–8
Learn facts about the rain forest through mathematical conversions.

Drip Tips

Grade: 3–8
Learn about leaf adaptations by testing the ability of different leaf shapes to shed water.

Scavenger Hunt

Grade: 3–8
Learn to observe plant features with the scavenger hunt activity.


Plant Hunters Audio Tour

Grade: K–8
Plant Hunters for Kids in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

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