The New York Botanical Garden


The Plant Information Office

This Plant Information Office provides timely and accurate responses to a continuously growing number of plant related inquires.

Over the years such dynamic horticultural personalities as T.H. Everett, distinguished librarian Elizabeth C. Hall and garden writer Dora Galitski have responded to daily telephone inquires. Today, Plant Information Specialists, Dorrie Rosen and Anita Finkle-Guerrero continue to field questions by telephone in addition to answering e-mails, faxes, letters and those of walk-in visitors.

Current Projects

Plant Information Hotline

This telephone service operates out of The LuEsther T. Mertz Library where staff rely heavily on the Library’s collections and their field knowledge and experience to research and formulate their answers. Questions concerning outdoor and indoor plant culture, identification, sourcing, maintenance, and selection are answered. The service provides valuable information on cultural requirements such as planting, feeding, pruning, and propagation as well as assistance with landscape design inquiries.

Plant Information is offered free of charge and is not limited to inquiries from gardeners but also answers inquiries from architects and landscape architects, nurseries and landscape contractors, museum curators, auction houses, art historians, authors and illustrators, garden writers, travelers, chemists and all those who want to learn more about the plant kingdom. Questions are taken from around the country and the globe.

Plant Information Fact Sheets

Each year new resource guides are created by the Plant Information Office and made available online including an ongoing series of fact sheets on a wide variety of subjects from improving indoor air quality to caring for holiday houseplants; orchid care tips; Monet’s garden :creation, facts, and secrets and butterfly gardening. As an eco-conscious initiative other topics cover the sustainable gardener, rain gardens/water harvesting, home-gardening the organic way, downsizing the lawn and drought survival for your garden. A monthly gardening tips calendar for the New York City area is also available online at the Home Gardening Center.

Special Events Coverage

Plant Information staff can be found at major Garden events out on the grounds answering visitor inquiries and representing the Garden at offsite events, conference and meetings of groups such as the Metro Hort Group, National Gardening Association, NYC Grows, New York Council of Cooperatives and Condominiums and the New York Cactus and Succulent Society.

Workshop and Classes

Illustrated presentations are given on demand to horticulture groups in the tri-state area including “Sturdy plants for urban conditions” and “Green roofs defined”. Additionally, landscape consultations lasting no more than one hour are provided for a small fee to home gardeners interested in improving or redesigning a site.