Advances In Economic Botany

This series is an international forum for the publication of original book-length research papers, collections of papers, and symposia dealing with the use and management of plants. An interdisciplinary series designed to integrate pure and applied studies,the Advances series has found its readership among policymakers, teachers, researchers, and students of agronomy, anthropology, biology, ecology, economic botany, ethnobotany, geography, and pharmacology. The volumes, published at irregular intervals since 1984, are priced individually and as a set (volumes 1–15).

Editor: Dr. Charles M. Peters, The New York Botanical Garden

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New Publication

The Amazonian Caboclo and the Açaí Palm: Forest Farmers in the Global Market, Brondízio, E. / Vol. 16 / 2008 / 403 pp. / ISBN 978-0-89327-476-4 / $45.00 / ORDER NO. A16000

Forthcoming Title

Bark: Use, Management, and Commerce in Africa, A. B. Cunningham et al. (eds.) / Vol. 17 / expected in Spring 2012; call for additional information.

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