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Since 1891 Garden scientists have undertaken more than 1,100 research and collection expeditions around the world. One of the few botanical gardens with a sustained network of active field research, the Garden remains committed to working with local colleagues to discover, understand, and conserve Earth's vast plant and fungal diversity. Garden scientists work all across the planet today, with particular research and conservation focus on six geographic areas in the New and Old World.

Amazon Program

In some areas the Amazon forest seems endless; in others it seems to be coming to an end—quickly.

Brazilian Coastal Forest Program

This 2,500-mile-long strip of little-understood forest has been reduced to fragments occupying less than 7% of their original extent.

Caribbean Biodiversity Program

More than 500 years of colonization, conflict, and economic development have taken a heavy toll on the Wider Caribbean Region’s plant diversity.

North America Program

Amazing diversity is found not just in far-away places. North America boasts rich and fascinating ecosystems, habitats, and species.

Pacific Program

Isolated Pacific island ecosystems are highly vulnerable to external disturbances. Habitat destruction and invasive alien species are just two of many threats to native plants.

Southeast Asia Program

The forests of Southeast Asia are home to millions of people, but forest destruction and degradation are threatening their distinct ways of life.