Doctoral student Alejandra Vasco collects ferns in the high mountains of Piedras Blancas in Venezuela.

Graduate Students

The Commodore Matthew Perry Graduate Studies Program provides advanced preparation and mastery of the field of plant diversity science for approximately 40 students annually who are working toward the Ph.D. degree. The Program operates in conjunction with the following six universities: Columbia University, Cornell University, Fordham University, Lehman College of the City University of New York, New York University, and Yale University.

Doctoral student Seth Ganzhorn inspects herbarium specimens at the Garden.

Responding to the accelerating rate of habitat destruction in the tropics, the Botanical Garden has placed a priority on tropical research and the training of more botanists, not only from the United States, but from other countries as well. The Program serves a diverse student body, and Garden graduates have come from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. After graduating, most foreign students return to their home countries to hold positions in government agencies, research centers, universities, and botanical gardens, where they have a direct impact on conservation, education, and biodiversity research.

Current Graduate Students


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Graduate Students

Aguirre-Santoro, Julian Plant systematics, Bromeliaceae Colombia
Allen, Jessica Lichen systematics North America
Cavaliere, Dario Angiosperm systematics, Martyniaceae New World
Davoodian, Naveed Mycology, Systematics of Gyroporus (Boletales) North America, Australia
Diaz-Silveira, Genelle Angiosperm systematics, Pedaliaceae Old World tropics
Dorey, Jenna Systematics of Carex (Cyperaceae) North America
Duguid, Marlyse Disturbance ecology North America
Gottschalk, Stephen Systematics and ecology of green algae New World
Hawken, Iona Urbanization, Land-Use, and Landscape Transformation in Amazonia Amazonia
Hooper, Elaine Effects of seed dispersal in tropical forest regeneration, and the use of multivariate analysis to characterize species interrelationships in highly diverse tropical ecosystems Brazil
James, Thomas Forest ecology Mongolia
Keleman, Alder Forestry and environmental studies
Lim, Gwynne Plant Systematics Southern China, Malesia
Martin, Meredith Forest management and succession New World
Matos, Fernando Fern systematics Brazil
Morcol, Taylan Ethnobotany Turkey
Rodrigues, Carlos Systematics of Araliaceae
Sleith, Robin Systematics, ecology, and evolution of freshwater green algae North America
Stoike, Jeffrey Agroforestry Brazil
Truong, Lan Ethnobotany Vietnam
Virnig, Annie Genomics, ethnobotany
Wolkow, Robert Studies of Guyanese ethnomedicine Guyana
Xu, Chengyuan Ecophysiology of respiration in northern hardwood forests North America
Zeng, Lily Biodiversity conservation, sacred landscapes, ethnic minorities Yunnan, China

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