Christine Padoch

Matthew Calbraith Perry Curator of Economic Botany, Institute of Economic Botany

Ph.D., Columbia University
New York (1978)
"Migration and its Alternatives among the Iban of Sarawak"
Expertise: Smallholder resource management patterns, managed forests, agricultural and agro-forestry systems; agrodiversity; marketing patterns; social and environmental aspects of economic development


I am an ecological anthropologist by training and for over twenty-five years have been doing research on smallholder patterns of forest management, agroforestry, and agriculture in the humid tropics. Recently some of my work has focused on local patterns of conservation and change in the diversity of rice cultivated by highland farmers in mainland Southeast Asia and on rapid agroecosystem change throughout tropical Asia . I have also investigated small-scale marketing of forest and agroforestry products and marketing networks and am involved in work on changes in ethnicity and marketing of produce in New York City. But I continue to carry out most of my research in Latin America and Southeast Asia, particularly in Amazonia and on the island of Borneo. I have long-term interdisciplinary research projects underway in West Kalimantan (Indonesia), Amapa (Brazil), and Iquitos (Peru). I participate in research-based demonstration and training projects at several sites in the South American and Asian tropics and subtropics and am a scientific advisor to the PLEC project that works with smallholders in twelve tropical countries. I serve on the boards of several international research institutions, including the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and Institute of Environmental Research for AmazÙnia (IPAM).

Selected Publications

Brookfield, H., C. Padoch, H. Parsons and M. Stocking. 2002. Cultivating Biodiversity: The understanding, analysis and use of agrodiversity. ITDG Publishing: London.

Guo Huijun, C. Padoch, K. Coffey, Chen Aiguo, and Fu Yongneng. 2002. Economic development, land use and biodiversity change in the tropical mountains of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, Southwest China. Environmental Science and Policy. 5(6): 471-479.

Padoch, C., J. M. Ayres, M. Pinedo-Vasquez and A. Henderson (eds.). 1998. Varzea: Diversity, Development, and Conservation of Amazonia's Whitewater Floodplain. New York Botanical Garden Press.

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