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The Science Division of The New York Botanical Garden encompasses several departments and programs and includes more than one hundred Ph.D.-level faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and highly trained technical staff. All are working toward the Garden’s scientific mission to explore, understand, and conserve the Earth’s vast botanical diversity.


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Staff Scientists

Ambrose, Barbara plant genomics, morphology and development
Balick, Michael Ethnobotany, Poison Plants, Pacific Island Floristics Belize, Micronesia, neotropics, New York City
Boom, Brian Neotropical systematic and economic botany; Rubiaceae; forest inventories neotropics
Buck, William Pleurocarpus mosses worldwide
Campbell, Lisa lcampbell@nybg,org Systematics; Anatomy of Xyridaceae North America; Venezuela, particularly the Guayana region Poales
Daly, Douglas Burseraceae (frankincense family) Neotropics (especially Amazonian Brazil), Mexico, Madagascar, New Guinea, Vietnam leaf architecture, tree identification, floristics of Amazonia, economic botany, certification of managed tropical forests
Halling, Roy Agaricales and Boletales (mushrooms, puffballs and related groups) Worldwide Poisonous fungi
Henderson, Andrew Arecaeae (Palm family) South Asia, Central America, Caribbean, South America
Holmgren, Noel Intermountain Flora North America, Venezuela Scrophulariaceae (Beard Tongue family)
Holmgren, Patricia Intermountain Flora North America
Kallunki, Jacquelyn Rutaceae (Orange family) neotropics
Karol, Kenneth Green Algal Systematics and Evolution (Charales) Worldwide Organellar Genome Evolution
Kelly, Lawrence Aristolochiaceae (Birthwort family), Symplocaceae (Sweetleaf family), Saurauia (Actinidiaceae; Kiwi family) neotropics, worldwide
Lendemer, James Lichen Systematics North America Dichanthelium dichotomum group (Poaceae)
Little, Damon Gymnosperms and Bioinformatics North America, worldwide
Michelangeli, Fabian Melastomataceae neotropics ant-plant interactions
Mickel, John Pteridophytes (Ferns and related groups) Mexico, North America
Moran, Robbin Pteridophytes (Ferns and related groups) Costa Rica, neotropics, North America
Mori, Scott Systematics and ecology of Lecythidaceae and neotropical floristics. Neotropics, especially Amazonia, French Guiana, Saba, and the Osa Peninsula, and Westchester County, New York. Plant/animal interactions, bat seed dispersal, and presentation of data about plant systematics on the Internet.
Naczi, Robert Floristics of eastern North America, Systematics and ecology of Cyperaceae, Systematics and ecology of Sarraceniaceae Western Hemisphere  
Pedraza, Paola ppedraza at; paola.pedraza at Systematics of Ericaceae Central and South America Andean flora, especially floristics and diversity in paramos and cloud forests.
Peters, Charles Tropical forestry and ecology Amazonia, Mexico, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, SW China, Laos, Cambodia
Plunkett, Gregory Araliaceae, Apiaceae, Pittosporaceae SW Pacific Islands, Temperate and Tropical South America Molecular Systematics, Biogeography
Stevenson, Dennis Cycadales (Cycads) neotropics, worldwide
Thiers, Barbara Hepaticae (Liverworts) neotropics, worldwide
Thomas, William Cyperaceae (Sedge family), Simaroubaceae (Tree of Heaven family, and Picramniaceae (Bitter-bush Family) Brazil (especially the Atlantic coastal forest), neotropics, worldwide Executive Director, Organization for Flora Neotropica
Torke, Benjamin Leguminosae (bean family); floristics and species diversity in Amazonia neotropics, especially Brazil
Vandebroek, Ina Ethnobotany of medicinal plants and community health in the Caribbean, South America and New York City Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, New York City Medical Cultural Competency Training, Community Outreach, Development Cooperation
Zanoni, Thomas Gymnosperms West Indies

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Research Associates

Andres, Thomas
Armstrong, Kathleen Sytematics and biogeography of Sapotaceae and Cordiaceae SE Asia
Atha, Daniel flora of Belize; flora of the Caucasus; flora of North America; Acalypha subgenus Linostachys; Polygonaceae, esp. Persicaria.
Harris, Richard Lichens North America, West Indies lichens worldwide
Law, Wayne Ethnobotany; Ecology Micronesia  
Mitchell, John Anacardiaceae neotropics, worldwide
Reginato, Marcelo Systematics of Melastomataceae Neotropics, Brazil
Sewell, Matthew

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Graduate Students

Aguirre-Santoro, Julian Plant systematics, Bromeliaceae Colombia
Allen, Jessica Lichen systematics North America
Cavaliere, Dario Angiosperm systematics, Martyniaceae New World
Davoodian, Naveed Mycology, Systematics of Gyroporus (Boletales) North America, Australia
Diaz-Silveira, Genelle Angiosperm systematics, Pedaliaceae Old World tropics
Dorey, Jenna Systematics of Carex (Cyperaceae) North America
Duguid, Marlyse Disturbance ecology North America
Gottschalk, Stephen Systematics and ecology of green algae New World
Hawken, Iona Urbanization, Land-Use, and Landscape Transformation in Amazonia Amazonia
Hooper, Elaine Effects of seed dispersal in tropical forest regeneration, and the use of multivariate analysis to characterize species interrelationships in highly diverse tropical ecosystems Brazil
James, Thomas Forest ecology Mongolia
Keleman, Alder Forestry and environmental studies
Lim, Gwynne Plant Systematics Southern China, Malesia
Martin, Meredith Forest management and succession New World
Matos, Fernando Fern systematics Brazil
Morcol, Taylan Ethnobotany Turkey
Rodrigues, Carlos Systematics of Araliaceae
Sleith, Robin Systematics, ecology, and evolution of freshwater green algae North America
Stoike, Jeffrey Agroforestry Brazil
Truong, Lan Ethnobotany Vietnam
Virnig, Annie Genomics, ethnobotany
Wolkow, Robert Studies of Guyanese ethnomedicine Guyana
Xu, Chengyuan Ecophysiology of respiration in northern hardwood forests North America
Zeng, Lily Biodiversity conservation, sacred landscapes, ethnic minorities Yunnan, China

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