The New York Botanical Garden


Plant Explorers

For more than a hundred years, The New York Botanical Garden has been an advocate for plant conservation and biodiversity around the world. We know that thousands of plant species remain hidden, their uses unrevealed.

Every year, our Plant Explorers travel to distant corners of the world and discover dozens of new plant species. A few recent examples:

  • Last year alone, we discovered 14 new species of rattan palm in the jungles of Vietnam that can be used by local people to make furniture.
  • In the remote islands of Mironesia our botanists found a species of glow-in-the-dark fungus called ''ears of the ghost.''
  • In Brazil, our expeditions revealed several new species of Swarzia trees, thought to be ecological keystones of the rainforest.

Back in New York, the Botanical Garden has worked with the National Cancer Institute, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations to discover new uses for the plants we discover and study.

We need your help to keep sending our Plant Explorers out to the field and make these remarkable discoveries. Please donate now to the Plant Explorers Fund and help our scientists travel across the globe in search of new plant species that can enrich our lives.