The New York Botanical Garden


Who We Are

At The New York Botanical Garden, we are more than 100 Ph.D. scientists, postdoctoral researchers, Ph.D. candidates, research associates, highly trained technical staff, interns, and volunteers who conduct research on plants and fungi found around the world to better understand their relationships to each other, to their ecosystems, and to people.

  • We make regular expeditions to study and collect plants and fungi in many places on Earth.
  • We permanently maintain and make collections of plants and fungi accessible for further study in the largest herbarium in the Western Hemisphere.
  • We identify and classify plants and fungi according to their evolutionary relationships and are specialists on fungi and plant groups throughout the plant kingdom.
  • We work in modern laboratories and employ state-of-the-art techniques such as DNA analysis to explore and understand plants and their relationships at their most essential levels.
  • We identify plant species at risk of extinction, identify appropriate conservation measures, and develop sustainable management plans for biodiversity in partnership with colleagues across the planet.
  • We study, and make information available about, useful plants that are global resources with great economic impact, species used regionally by indigenous peoples and local populations, and plant-based traditions and knowledge around the world.
  • We train visiting scientists, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and interns at the Botanical Garden—and scientists and students in countries wherever we work.
  • We raise awareness about plants and fungi through scientific publications, conferences, and presentations and through informal and formal science outreach such as talks to school groups and exhibits at the Garden.