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    Chocolate and Vanilla Adventures

    February 16, 2009 – April 5, 2009
    During The Orchid Show, families and school groups visiting the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden discover the plant origins and history of these two popular flavors. Kids learn about chocolate by sampling a Mayan chocolate drink and tasting real chocolate seeds. They also learn that vanilla comes from the seedpod of an orchid plant by examining vanilla beans with hand lenses as well as observing live vanilla orchids.

    Public Programming – Demonstrations and Classes
    Gardening enthusiasts can learn how to grow and care for orchids through a variety of home gardening demonstrations and continuing education classes offered during The Orchid Show. Class topics range from “Top Ten Orchids for Your Home” to “Miniature Orchids” to “Orchids: How to Keep the Bloom Year After Year.” Home gardening demonstrations teach participants how to care for indoor, outdoor, specialty, and fragrant orchids.

    Members Weekend
    Members Weekend during The Orchid Show provides sponsors extra visibility with the Botanical Garden’s more than 30,000 members. The weekend begins on Friday with the Members Preview, allowing exclusive viewing of the exhibition before it opens to the general public. The weekend also offers special discounts and activities for Members.

    Patrons Viewing and Reception
    A special Patrons evening Viewing and Reception during The Orchid Show provides continued visibility for sponsors among the Botanical Garden’s most affluent supporters. The invitation-only exhibition viewing and reception is attended by the Botanical Garden’s patrons, major donors, Board members, and major corporate supporters.