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What’s Beautiful Now: Into Summer

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on June 13 2018, by Matt Newman

Summer doesn’t officially kick off until June 21, but the Garden grounds are already well-prepared for the season of green. And among that green, from the Native Plant Garden to the Forest, you’ll find the bright peppering of color offered up by spring’s later blooms. Come for the roses at peak bloom this week, and stay for all of the little treasures you’ll discover during a walk through our 250 acres.

Perennial of the Week: Goat's beard (Aruncus 'Horatio')

Perennial of the Week: Goat's beard (<em>Aruncus</em> 'Horatio')
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Elegant white plumes top nicely divided foliage on this beautifully behaved perennial for the shade or moist sun. To 4’ tall, ‘Horatio’ never needs staking, turns a lovely shade of red in the fall and holds its seedheads upright well into the winter. This plant for all seasons can be found, appropriately, on the Seasonal Walk.

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