Plants & Birds of Trinidad

A Natural History Tour Offered by The New York Botanical Garden
With an Optional Program for Artists


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Leaders: Scott Mori & Carol Gracie      Artist in Residence: Katie Lee

The tiny island of Trinidad is unique among the islands of the Caribbean. Once a part of mainland South America, it is thought that Trinidad became an island about 20,000 years ago. Because of this previous continental association, Trinidad possesses a rich flora more closely resembling that of the mainland than that of the West Indies. The diversity of habitats, from beaches to mountains, provides niches for an unusually large number of species. Bird life is particularly rich with over 400 species recorded on the island.

Our base in Trinidad’s northern highlands has been the Asa Wright Nature Center, winner of Islands Magazine’s 1998 Ecotourism Award. The Center is renowned as a mecca for naturalists interested in tropical flora and fauna. Daily excursions, both on the grounds of the Center and to other parts of the island, provide opportunities to see several different vegetation types as well as numerous species of plants and birds. The Center’s trails lead through tropical forest to manakin leks and wattled bellbird territories. Dozens of species of colorful birds may be observed from the veranda of the main house while enjoying afternoon tea or a rum punch. Special highlights include the opportunity to visit the world’s most accessible colony of oil birds, located in Dunston Cave, and to see thousands of scarlet ibis return to their mangrove roosts at sunset.

Image--Monopteryx inpaeScott Mori and Carol Gracie are popular leaders of numerous NYBG natural history tours. Both have extensive experience in the tropics. Their knowledgeable leadership will provide you with a rewarding view of this lovely tropical island.

Katie Lee has shared her expertise as an artist and instructor for those who registered for the artists’ component of the trip. Katie is an instructor in NYBG’s Botanical Illustration program and has served as "artist in residence" on two previous NYBG tours to the Amazon. Her work hangs in the botanical art collection of Dr. Shirley Sherwood and in many other collections. Katie has also garnered awards for her illustrations in books for children. In addition to providing instruction and encouragement to artists, she conducts workshops on how to make a handmade travel journal.

For additional information, call (718) 817-8647, e-mail: ; or write to: Carol Gracie, The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY 10458-5126.

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