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Ph.D.: City University of New York, 1987
Title: Curator
Research: systematics and ecology of palms

I study the systematics and ecology of palms throughout the world. In addition to monographs of the palm genera Bactris, Euterpe, Iriartea, Prestoa, and Nicholsonia, all published in the Flora Neotropica series, I have contributed books entitled The Palms of the Amazon and Palms of the Americas. My latest contribution is Evolution and Ecology of Palms published in 2002 by The New York Botanical Garden Press.

My painting depicts the habitat of Ceroxylon quindiuense in Andean Colombia and the endangered yellow-eared parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis), which depends on this palm for both food and shelter. Images from this painting have been used by the American Bird Conservancy to promote the conservation of the yellow-eared parrot by protecting the habitat in which it lives.

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