Introduction to the Schedule of Monographs
(Cryptogamic Plants and Fungi)

The Schedule of Monographs (Cryptogamic Plants and Fungi) provides information on the status of treatments of all families of bryophytes, mosses, pteridophytes, lichens, and fungi occurring in the Neotropics. The lists are arranged alphabetically and present information in three categories. In the case where a family has not been assigned to a specialist, no information is given. For families whose treatments have already been published, a bibliographic reference is provided. Lastly, for families with treatments currently in preparation, the name and address of the principle contributor and the name and organizational affiliation of collaborators are offered.

The Schedule of Monographs of Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Lichens and Fungi
Please communicate any comments to the Executive Director, Dr. Wayt Thomas, or to the appropriate coordinator:

(prepared by Rob Gradstein)

Published and in press 1990-2005 (ca. 600 spp.)
Monograph. nr.:
50        Plagiotheciaceae (6 spp.)
54        Dicranaceae: Campylopodioideae & Paraleucobryoideae (85 spp.)
55        Bacidiaceae: Phyllopsora (18 spp.)
58        Calymperaceae (55 spp.)
59        Lejeuneaceae: Ptychantheae & Brachiolejeuneae (65 spp.)
65        Stereophyllaceae (16 spp. )
69        Caliciales (50 spp.)
74        Arthoniales Syncesia (17 spp.)
78        Cladoniaceae (185 spp.)
89        Amblystegiaceae (45 spp.)
90        Lejeuneaceae: Ceratolejeunea (23 spp.)
97        The Marchantiidae (110 spp.)

In the editorial process (most of them nearing acceptance) (ca. 950 spp.)

Fissidentaceae (mosses, ca. 100 spp.)  by Ronal Pursell
Foliicolous Lichens (615 spp.)  by Robert Lücking largest monogr. in cryptogams!
Metzgeriaceae (liverworts, 60 spp.)  by Denise Pinheiro da Costa
Parmeliaceae: Hypotrachyna  (lichens, 140 spp.)  by Harrie Sipman, Jack Elix
            & Tom Nash
Stereum and related genera (basidiomycetes, ca. 35 spp.)  by Arthur Welden

Submissions expected 2005-07 (ca. 300 spp.):

Gleicheniaceae: Sticherus (ferns, 53 spp.)  by Jasivia Gonzales & Michael Kessler
Grimmiaceae: Grimmia (mosses, 30 spp.)  by Claudio Delgadillo M.
Lejeuneaceae: Lejeunea and Prionolejeunea (liverworts, ca. 100 spp.) by Elena     
            Reiner-Drehwald & Anna Luiza Ilkiu-Borges
Marattiaceae: Danaea (ferns, 70 spp.)      by Maarten Christenhusz
Polypodiaceae: Campyloneuron (ferns, ca. 50 spp.)  by Blanca León


Amblystegiaceae (ca. 40 spp.) L. Hedenäs,  FN Monograph 89 (2003)

Calymperaceae (55 spp.) W.D. Reese, FN Monograph 58 (1993)

Cryphaeaceae (ca. 55 spp.) Y. León Vargas (Centro Jardín Botánico, Mérida, Venezuela) Email:,
status of monograph to be confirmed

            Campylopodioideae & Paraleucobryoideae (84 spp.) J.-P. Frahm, FN Monograph 54 (1991)

Fissidentaceae (100 spp.) R.A. Pursell: in the editorial process

            Grimmia (30 spp.) C. Delgadillo M. (MEXU)
            submission expected 2006/07, needs confirmation

Gymnomitriaceae (15 spp.) J. Vána (PRC)
   expected in 2006/07, needs confirmation

            Isopterygium and allies (30 spp.) R.R. Ireland (MO) & W.R. Buck (NY)
            expected in 2005, needs confirmation (part of Ms already submitted to NY)


           Cololejeunea s.l. (including Aphanolejeunea, 75 spp.) T. Pócs (EGR)
            status to be confirmed

            Ceratolejeunea(23 spp.) G. Dauphin, FN Monograph 90 (2003) 

            Lejeunea (ca. 75 spp.) E.M. Reiner-Drehwald et al. (GOET)
            submission expected 2006/07

            Prionolejeunea (ca. 25 spp.) A.-L. Ilkiu-Borges (GOET, MG)
            submission expected 2006
Ptychantheae & Brachiolejeuneae (65 spp.) S.R. Gradstein, FN Monograph 62 (1994)

Leucophanaceae (2 spp.) N. Salazar Allen, FN Monograph 59 (1993)

The Marchantiidae (110 spp., 12 fam.)   H. Bischler, S. R. Gradstein, S. Jovet-Ast, N. Salar A., D. Long  FN Monograph (2005)
Metzgeriaceae (ca. 50 spp.) D. Pinheiro da Costa in editorial process

Neckeraceae (10 spp.)  I. Sastre de Jesus (Univ. of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, P.R.)
to be confirmed, under revision since 1990

Plagiochilaceae (120 spp.) J. Heinrichs et al. (GOET)
in good progress

Plagiotheciaceae (6 spp.)  W.R. Buck & R.R. Ireland, FN Monograph 50 (1990)

Pottiaceae (ca. 200 spp. )  R. Zander & P. Eckel (MO)
status of monograph to be confirmed

Pterobryaceae (ca. 25 spp.) A. Newton (BM)
status of monograph to be confirmed

Radulaceae (ca. 70 spp.) K. Yamada (Hattori Botanical Laboratory, Obi, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken, 889-2535,Japan) No personal email address
status of monograph to be confirmed

(100+ spp.) W.R. Buck (NY) & R.R. Ireland (MO)
 status of monograph to be confirmed

Sphagnaceae (ca. 100 spp.) H. Crum (deceased) & J. Shaw (Duke)
submission expected 2008, to be confirmed

Stereophyllaceae (16 spp. ) R.R. Ireland & W.R. Buck FN Monograph 65 (1994)

PTERIDOPHYTES (prepared by Rob Gradstein)
Questions or Comments on Pteridophyte contributions should be directed to:
      Dr. Robbin Moran
      The New York Botanical Garden
      Bronx, NY 10458-5126, USA

Lycopodiaceae (ca. 100 spp.) Benjamin Öllgaard (AAU)  status of monograph to be confirmed

Campyloneuron (ca. 50 spp.) Blanca León (Univ. of Texas, Austin) submission expected 2005
Danaea (70 spp.) Maarten Christenhusz (Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Turku, 20014 Turku, Finland, maachr@utu.fl)  submission expected 2005

            Sticherus (53 spp.) Jasivia Gonzales & Michael Kessler (GOET)  submission expected 2005

FUNGI AND LICHENS (prepared by Rob Gradstein)
Questions or comments on monographs of Fungi or Lichens should be directed to:
Prof. Dr. Meike Piepenbring
Institute I, Building D
J. W. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Siesmayerstr. 71-73
60323 Frankfurt/M  
            Tel.: +49-69-798-24736 
            Fax: +49-69-798-24822

Smut Fungi (ca. 225 spp.) M. Piepenbring FN Monograph 86 (2003)

            Stereum and allies (ca. 35 spp.)  A. Welden  in the editorial process

            Pluteus (nr. of spp. ?) E. Horak (Univ. of Zurich, ETH, Switzerland)   status of monograph to be confirmed


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