Database of Neotropical Bat/Plant Interactions

Cullen K. Geiselman, Scott A. Mori
Frédéric Blanchard

created in 2001, revised in 2004, updated periodically

Please, cite this publication as:
Geiselman C. K., S. A. Mori & F. Blanchard (2002 onwards). Database of Neotropical Bat/Plant Interactions.

This database is derived from review of several hundred papers and includes over 5,100 records. A record indicates a report of bats in general or of specific genera or species of bats pollinating or dispersing Neotropical plants. The plant and bat names as reported in the original publication are maintained. These names may or may not be the currently accepted names for the taxa. Plant family concepts are, with some exceptions, those found in Cronquist (1981), however, plant classification is currently under considerable revision because of new information provided by molecular data.

The bat/plant database can be searched by plant family name, plant genus, plant specific epithet, bat genus, bat specific epithet. Once the relationship has been established, a complete citation of the reference can be found at "Literature on Neotropical Bat/Plant Interactions." We are grateful to Heather Peckham and Alexander MacFarlane for the work they put into these databases as part of internships at The New York Botanical Garden and to the Beneficia Foundation and Bat Conservation International for supporting our studies of bat/plant interactions.

Literature Cited

Cronquist, A. 1981. An integrated system of classification of flowering plants. Columbia University Press, New York.
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