The Brazil Nut Industry --- Past, Present, and Future

Figure 27-1 Bertholletia excelsa
Illustration by Bobbi Angell

Figure 27-1 Bertholletia excelsa, A-D (Mori, et al. 17503), E-F, (Prance et al. 16599), G. (Prance blastogeny collection No. 4).  A. Habit. Note how the petals are tightly appressed to the androecium.  B. Medial section of the androecium.  Note how the hood appendages are swept inward but do not form a complete coil.  Nectar is produced at the base of these appendages. C. Cross section of the ovary. D. Ovary and calyx.  Note the 2-parted calyx, a unique feature of this genus.  The long, geniculate style points to the open end of the flower where it receives pollen when bees enter the flower but not when they depart.

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