What about ?

Arial/Helvetica font has been consistently used troughout all the pages of this web site created in 2000-2001 with Visual Page 2.0 for Windows then updated in 2005 with Dreamweaver MX 2004.
These pages should be compatible with any browser permitting frame. In case of problem, please let me know.

This work has been initiated in August 2000 and is based upon :
1) draft html files previously prepared in 1996 by Miss Beulah de Haar, student at Lehman College (for Newsletters #1-4, 6-10),
2) WordPerfect files of Newsletter #11-16,
3) MS Word files (for the Symposium 2000 texts and Newsletter #17-20).

These files (but not the texts) have been reworked in order to produce a somewhat homogeneous presentation that is also adapted to the web.

The reader should realize that the validity of email addresses and URLs of less recent newsletter has not been checked out even if these are activated.

This has been made possible through the patient collaboration of Tom Zanoni, who also built the indexes of Symposium Abstracts.
Any comments or questions should be forwarded to
Tom Zanoni or myself.

Martin Dubé (martin@umce.ca)
Université de Moncton, Canada