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Fungal and Plant Diversity of Central French Guiana
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Click on a taxon below to see a more detailed list of specimen records.

      Dilkea johannesii Barb. Rodr.

      Passiflora amoena L. K. Escobar
      Passiflora candida (Poepp. & Endl.) Mast.
      Passiflora coccinea Aubl.
      Passiflora exura Feuillet
      Passiflora foetida L.
      Passiflora foetida L. var. hispida (DC.) Killip
      Passiflora garckei Mast.
      Passiflora glandulosa Cav.
      Passiflora plumosa Feuillet & Cremers
      Passiflora rubra L.
      Passiflora saulensis Feuillet
      Passiflora variolata Poepp. & Endl.
      Passiflora vespertilio L.