Pollination of Cyphomandra endopogon var. endopogon by Eufriesea spp. (Euglossini) in French Guiana

** Cyphomandra endopogon var. endopogon has since been determined by specialist Lynn Bohs to be Cyphomandra endopogon Bitter subsp. guianensis Bohs


Carol Gracie
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Fig. 1. Cyphomandra endopogon var. endopogon and Eufriesea convexa. A. Flower just after anthesis. B. Flowers at different stages of maturity; flower in foreground is three days after anthesis. C. E. convexa hovering in front of flower to transfer aromas to slits in hindtibias. D. E. convexa on C. endopogon showing abdomen covered with pollen.

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