Fig. 1. Fruits with stick-tights. Cyathula prostrata (Mori et al. 22346), intact fruit subtended by calyx (left) and fruit segments (right); Pavonia schiedeana (Mori et al. 22911), intact fruit (left) and two views of fruit segments (right); Petiveria alliacea (Mori et al. 18246), two views of fruit; Desmodium incanum (Marshall 170), intact fruit (upper) and fruit segment (lower); Priva lappulacea (Mori et al. 19202A), calyx surrounding fruit segments (left) and tuberculate fruit segments removed from calyx (right); Pharus virescens (Mori & Boom 14837), part of infructescence (left) and two views of spikelets with enclosed fruits (right); Bidens pilosa (Mori et al. 18245); and Bidens cynapiifolia (Granville B.4566). Reprinted, with permission, from the Guide to the Vascular Plants of Central French Guiana, Memoirs of The New York Botanical Garden 76(1).

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