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French Guiana Useful Links
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The Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, formerly known as ORSTOM, is one of the most active research presences in French Guiana. Links to other research organizations in French Guiana, such as Silvolab, are available at this site.

Station Des Nouragues

The Station d'Etude de la Forêt tropicale en Guyane Française allows researchers to undertake studies in a tropical ecosystem that has not been disturbed by humans. Links to other related sites are available as well as information on booking research time at the station. The station is managed and financed by the Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).


A site designed to coordinate and facilitate research in all disciplines of the natural sciences in the Guayana Phytogeographic Province. The site is under the direction of Dr. Brice Noonan of Duke University.

Plant Checklists

Biological Diversity of the Guiana [Guayana] Shield. This web site is the primary source for information about the plants of the Guayana Shield. The link provided here goes directly to the plant checklists but there is much additional information about the Guayana region at this site.

Frogs and toads of Montagne Belvédère
(http://www.naturalsciences.be/Kok/MountainBelv.html). An inventory of the species of frogs and toads of Montagne Belvédère, an area nested within the area covered by the project Fungal and Plant Diversity of Central French Guiana. Many of the frog and toad species are illustrated with excellent color photographs.

Links to Plant Families

Lecythidaceae Pages

A site, managed by Scott A. Mori of The New York Botanical Garden, which is dedicated to producing species pages for all Neotropical Lecythidaceae. At the time of this entry (23 Nov 2007), species pages are completed for Mesoamerican Lecythidaceae, and the project is currently engaged in producing pages for the Lecythidaceae of French Guiana. However, at least some information, often including images, is already available for all names of Neotropical Lecythidaceae. Information written for lay audiences about this family can also be found on the Encyclopedia of Earth for the Brazil nut family, the Brazil nut species, and the cannon-ball tree.


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