Rubiaceae of the New World

By Piero Delprete and Rocio Cortés


Mussaenda erythrophylla     Photo P. Delprete

Cultivated shrub, Caiaponia, Goias, Brazil (left)

Detail of a flower with five calycophylls (above)

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Synonyms: Asemanthia (Stapf) Ridley, non Asemnantha J. D. Hooker; Belilla Adanson, Belilla Rafinesque (orth. var.); Landia Commerson ex A. L. Jussieu; Spallanzania A. P. de Candolle (nom. superfl.), non Spallanzania Pollini (Rosaceae)

Geographic distribution: A paleotropical genus of about 100 species, with a few species (M. erythrophylla being the most common) in cultivation throughout the neotropics.