A revision of Collybia s.l. in the northeastern United States & adjacent Canada


Roy E. Halling

Inst. of Syst. Botany, The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY 10458-5126

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This revised electronic edition came about partly because the 1983 hardcopy went out-of-print while still seeming to be in demand. Also, with continued field observations in both temperate and tropical regions, it became apparent to many of us that three genera, and recently four genera, could be easily recognized utilizing ecological characters as well as macro- and microscopic ones. The advent of DNA sequencing technology has added support for the recognition of two more genera (Dendrocollybia) and Connopus (for G. acervatus). Some of these characters are utilized in a Key to Genera. A more detailed discussion is found in Antonín, et al. (1997) and Hughes, et al. (2001). The five recognized genera are: Collybia, Connopus, Dendrocollybia, Rhodocollybia, and Gymnopus. There are now links to keys in French (by Roland Labbé).

An Introductory section deals with history, nomenclature, taxonomic features, and materials and methods used in 1983. What I have provided here, are a revised taxonomy including keys, updated descriptions of taxa, and images of microscopic features as well as color images of basidiomata. An Epithet Locator lists epithets of taxa that will provide links to taxa that you know and love but have no idea in which genus they might be placed currently.

[Revised edition, by Roy E. Halling, © 2004 (originally © by The New York Botanical Garden as "The genus Collybia (Agaricales) in the Northeastern United States and adjacent Canada," Mycologia Memoirs 8: 1-148. 1983)]