Amanita brunneolocularis Tulloss, Ovrebo, & Halling

Photograph by R. E. Halling, © 1996

First described from Colombia (Mem. New York Bot. Garden 66: 27-30. 1996), this Amanita has been confused with the European A. rubescens. Indeed it shares many common features: medium size, drab tan to flesh-gray pileus and pallid to brownish fuscous to reddish brown volval warts, and the context bruises reddish brown to vinaceous throughout (note the rubescence at the base of the stipes). However, the mushroom pictured here has pigmented, inflated cells in the universal veil, and the inflated cells of the lamellar trama are smaller. Also, the mean length/width ratio of the spores are significantly smaller. Widespread in Costa Rica in montane oak forests.

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