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Ophiocordyceps longisegmentis (Ginns) G.H. Sung, J.M. Sung & Spatafora

Photograph by R. E. Halling, © 1998

This is one of a 15 species of Cordyceps s.l. that parasitize the hypogeous Ascomycete Elaphomyces (K. Kobayasi, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan 23: 329-364. 1982). In O. longisegmentis, the capitate stromata arise directly from the ascoma of Elaphomyces. Microscopically, the ascogenous region has a differentiated palisade-like ectal layer, and the ascospore segments reach 65 µm in length (compare O. ophioglossoides). The specimen illustrated was found near Villa Mills in the Cordillera Talamanca, but the species has also been found further north near Jardín.

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