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Clitopilus griseobrunneus Baroni & Halling
(Top left)

Clitopilus prunulus (Scop.:Fr.) Kummer
(Bottom left)

Photographs by R. E. Halling ©, 1996-2001

We have seen this rhodophyll once in awhile in the Cordillera Talamanca near Cerro de la Muerte. It has a characteristic, strongly farinaceous odor much like C. prunulus. The latter (see below) has just been found in Costa Rica (June 2001). However, unlike C. prunulus, the C. griseobrunneus has a distinctively gray brown, subtomentose pileus surface, strong incrusting pigments, and subcapitate terminal elements in the pileipellis. The spores are pinkish-flesh colored in deposit, are angular in polar view and longitudinally ridged in profile. In the image below, the spores are stained with cotton blue to enhance the ornamentation (polar view on left, profile surface view on right).

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