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amyloid basidiospores

Russula cartaginis Buyck & Halling

Photograph by R. E. Halling, © 1997

A very fragile and brittle member of the subsection Compactae, we have found this taxon several times at one site near Estrella in the northern Talamancas and just recently near San Gerardo de Dota. It will key out to R. subnigricans Hongo in R. Shaffer's monograph of the subsection (Brittonia 14: 254-284. 1962), because of the reddening trama, distant lamellae and low ornamentation of the basidiospores. However, R. subnigricans, according to a revision by G. Bills (Brittonia 37: 360-365. 1985), has darker colors, smaller basidiospores, and lacks dermatocystidia in the pileipellis. The reddening of the trama may be absent or overlooked if specimens are not in prime condition.

We had previously called this taxon R. eccentrica.