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Multifurca furcata (Coker) Buyck & V. Hofst.

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R. E. Halling ©, 2008

Apparently, this is a very rare agaric originally described as a Lactarius by Coker from North Carolina, USA. In Hesler and Smith's (1979) treatment of the genus for North America, Coker's type is the only specimen cited. L. Montoya (Xalapa, Mexico) has confirmed the determination and has said that it is a rare taxon in Mexico as well. The glaucescent, white, acrid latex, forking lamellae, and zonate pileus appear as distinctive features. The zonations from the pileus surface also appear in the pileus context. This taxon is another example of the North Temperate heritage of mycorrhizal agarics in neotropical oak forests.

B. Buyck et al. (Fungal Diversity 28: 15-40. 2008) has shown that this species, and four others, belong in the newly recognized genus, Multifurca.

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