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Campanophyllum proboscodeum (Fr.) Cifuentes & Petersen

Photograph by R. E. Halling, © 2000

This wood-inhabiting agaric is currently known from Mexico southward to Colombia. According to R. Petersen, the fungus appears to have been first described by Fries based on an Oerstad collection from Costa Rica. It can be found in oak forests of Costa Rica and Colombia in Central and South America and can be fairly common. Characteristically, the pileus is attached near the margin on the pileus surface; often it can be pendant (hence the epithet referring to a snout). There are brown fibrils on the pileus surface near the attachment point. Drs. J. Cifuentes (UNAM, Mexico) & R. Petersen (Tennessee, pers. com.) are working on the systematics and mating system of this fungus; it is affectionately known among the cognoscenti as the "Mexican Mystery Fungus."