Tylopilus violatinctus Baroni & Both

Photograph by R. E. Halling © 1996
[voucher Halling 7276]

Tylopilus plumbeovioaceus (Snell & Dick) Singer was reported previously from Mesoamerica, and the taxon seen above was first thought to be that species. However, as pointed out recently by Baroni & Both (Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 36: 261-264. 1998), T. violatinctus has smaller spores (7-9 × 3-4 µm vs. 9-12 × 3-4 µm) and a different type of pileipellis arrangement. Caution should be exercised in trying to identify Tylopilii in Mesoamerica as there appears to be a plethora of taxa that have lilac to violaceous colors during some stage of development. This is a first report for this taxon outside of the original description and extends the range from western New York state in eastern North America to Costa Rica. As with other boletes, we suspect the species illustrated has migrated into Central America with oak communities.

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