Pouzarella ferrerii

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Pouzarella ferrerii T.J. Baroni, Perd.-Sánch. & Cantrell

Photograph by R. E. Halling, © 1998

Just described as a new species by Baroni et al. (2008), this taxon has been confused with P. squamifolia (Murr.) Mazzer, and is referred to as such by Halling & Mueller (2005) in their Talamanca field guide. However, the taxon illustrated here has cheilocystidia (below left) that are mostly short clavate to subellipsoid, rarely short-fusoid, ±40 × 20 µm. The dark gray to black stains develop as a slow oxidation reaction. Presently, known from the Greater Antilles, Brazil, and Costa Rica in the southern Talamancas (Las Tablas Protected Zone) near Parque La Amistad.

cheilocystidia basidiospores