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Leccinum tablense Halling & Mueller

Photograph by R. E. Halling, © 2002

Leccinum tablense vaguely recalls features of L. talamancae, but unlike that taxon, it does not exhibit any oxidation reactions in the exposed flesh: pink to reddish orange in the pileus and upper part of the stipe and the blue green to deep blue in the lower part of the stipe. The hymeniform nature of the pileipellis is also reminiscent of L. talamancae, but in lieu of a description of fresh material, they can be distinguished by spore size (14-16 × 5-5.6 µm for L. tablense, and 17.5-22.4 × 4.9-6.3 µm for L. talamancae). Leccinum tablense would also fit the circumscription of subsect. Pseudoscabra as recently outlined by Lannoy and Estades (1995).

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