Anthopterus oliganthus, A-D.  A: habit showing inflorescence along older portion of stem.  B: flower showing pedicel, one bracteole, calyx, and corolla.  C: corolla, note wings.  D: stamens showing ventral, dorsal, and lateral views (from Luteyn et al. 7476).  Anthopterus wardii, E-H.  E: habit.  F: flower showing floral bract, one basal bracteole, pedicel, calyx, and corolla.  G: corolla, note wings.  H: stamens.  I: mature calyx, note wings (E-H from Luteyn et al. 6849;  I from Luteyn et al. 5086).  Reproduced from Opera Botanica 92: 111, fig. 1.  1987.