Ericaceae-Neotropical Blueberries
James L. Luteyn and Paola Pedraza-Peñalosa
The New York Botanical Garden




Key to Species


     Psammisia consists of approximately 70 species ranging from Costa Rica, southward into Bolivia, and eastward to French Guiana and Trinidad.


PSAMMISIA Klotzsch, Linnaea 24: 42.  1851;  Smith, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 28: 384-406.  1932;  Luteyn, Opera Bot. 92: 109-130.  1987.  Lectotype:  Psammisia falcata (Kunth) Klotzsch.

     Epiphytic or terrestrial shrub.  Leaves alternate, evergreen, petiolate;  blade coriaceous, the venation plinerved or pinnate.  Inflorescence axillary or terminal, racemose or subfasciculate with few to many flowers.  Flowers 5-merous, without odor;  aestivation valvate;  pedicels deciduously bibracteolate;  calyx articulate with the pedicel;  hypanthium short-cylindric or campanulate;  limb erect or spreading;  lobes (2-4)5, ovate or triangular, apiculate or acute;  corolla carnose, subcylindric, elongate urceolate or subglobose, 5-lobed, the lobes triangular and subacute;  stamens (8-)10(-12), equal, from about 1/3 to often nearly as long as the corolla;  filaments equal, distinct or connate, the connectives all laterally or distally 2-spurred, or alternately spurred, or rarely spurs obscure or lacking, when present the spurs either acute and conspicuous or rounded and not very apparent; nthers equal, basifixed, firm, stout with strongly granular thecae, lacking disintegration tissue;  thecae strongly granular;  tubules distinct, 1/4 to about as long as the thecae, dehiscing by elongate introrse clefts;  pollen lacking viscin threads;  ovary inferior, 5-locular;   style filiform and often exserted.  Fruit a leathery, green berry, seemingly never turning blue-black.

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     A key and complete treatment is lacking, but the genus is currently being revised by Luteyn. This on-line version has been modified from Luteyn 1987b and 1996b, along with other of his unpublished notes.


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