Ericaceae-Neotropical Blueberries
James L. Luteyn and Paola Pedraza-Peñalosa
The New York Botanical Garden




Key to Species

     Rusbya is a monotypic, neotropical genus, known only from northern Bolivia and from two collections.  A. C. Smith (1932) thought that the flowers resembled those of Themistoclesia.  The genus is characterized only by its linear leaves, which certainly is not a generic character.  Since R. taxifolia is only known from two collections (and these not very floriferous), nor do we have a mature fruit, the exact relationships and placement of the species is uncertain. There is no question it is a distinct species, and resemble Themistoclesia and Diogenesia. Its "pseudostipules" are exactly like those of Diogenesia (and maybe some Ceratostema, Pellegrinia, and Demosthenesia).  More material and pickled flowers are desperately needed.

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    The only spcies in the genus is Rusbya taxifolia

  The taxonomic treatment of Rusbya is missing at this moment.


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