Scott A. Mori

My research on flowering plants focuses on the taxonomy and ecology of trees of the lowland New World tropics. I am especially interested in the co-evolution between plants and their pollinators and seed dispersers. In order to investigate these relationships in detail, I pursue taxonomic research on the Brazil nut family (Lecythidaceae) for which a Flora Neotropica monograph has been completed. In addition, I have selected geographic areas of high species diversity of the Brazil nut family for detailed study of its ecological relationships. I have published the results of a study of the 27 species of the family found in central French Guiana and a study of the 39 species of Lecythidaceae found in a 100-hectare central Amazonian plot. I intend on doing similar work in western Amazonia. The results of these investigations have given me a better understanding of the evolution of the family as well as permitted me to make specific recommendations for the conservation of lowland, neotropical trees.

I am dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests. In addition, I am interested in teaching others about the complexity and fragility of tropical ecosystems through classroom teaching and by leading ecotours to the tropics.

I have prepared a vascular plant flora of a biological reserve in central French Guiana. The flora has been done in collaboration with IRD (ex ORSTOM), the overseas organization responsible for research in France's overseas departments. The book is designed to allow non-botanists to determine the names of plants in this, one of the last wilderness areas of the world. I continue my work in French Guiana with studies of plant/animal interactions, in particular bat pollination and dispersal.

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